Define & List the problem

Step 1

The three most important parameters for a brand is the quality, diversity and the class of operation it entails. Once it succeeds, the aura around it will be built up.

Specify & Evaluate

Step 2

The requirement of the company and its scope and extent of diversity would determine the brand viability. It is always a brand that is recalled and not the services per se.

Evolution of process

We carry out the whole process in steps so that each task at each step gets equal importance and vigilance. At first, a general layout of the process is made according to the requirements stated by the client and later it is implemented carefully.

Client on board

Technical or non-technical whichever client we have on board, they provide us with the job description and the kind of the employees with certain job roles they are looking for.


After the complete knowledge of the needs of the clients we break up the whole process and analyze it with the help of our team so as to deliver the promised results.


In this step we divide the whole work amongst our team members. Right job to right people, the particular jobs are assigned to the certain members according to their expertise in particular areas.

Relevant Return

We prepare the database of the candidates suitable for the desired job roles. We provide the right employees for right job recruited by the right people, resulting the best database in the market.

The complete recruitment process

Once the design gets finalized we move on the recruitment process which further takes place in the six steps. We believe in building long-term relationships with our client hence, we provide our sheer support in the process and even beyond that.


Initial screening

This is the first step of the process, we get in touch with the candidates suitable for the job roles as stated by the clients via e-mails.

Phone screening

In this step, we conduct telephonic interviews with the candidates and filter out the appropriate candidates for the job.

Shortlisting the best

We shortlist the candidates based on the telephonic interviews and collect their documents and verify them.

Submission to the client

The filtered profiles of the candidates are further sent to the client and they select the candidates whom they find fit for the roles.

Personal interview

We provide our complete support to the clients in arranging personal interviews with the selected candidates.

Replacement support

We offer our absolute support to our clients even beyond the recruitment process. If the client needs any replacement of any candidate we offer that too within a span of 15 days.